Tak: Beautiful Upgrades

Upgrade Your Game

Ready to make your set stand out? I specialize in creating unique upgrades, from capstones to boards to full sets, perfect for shelf and table.

My experience includes wood, epoxy resin, soapstone, copper, 3D filament printing, laser engraving, CNC, small electronics, and I am constantly exploring other materials and methods so that I can bring more variety to my projects.

Take a look at my portfolio page for some of my past projects and then fill out the contact and request form to get started.

Custom Work

I am a creator at heart, so if you have an idea that you want to see made reality, let me know what I can do to help out. I do everything from design to prototyping to small run production.

US Tak Association Approved Craftsman

What is this?

This means that my work has been reviewed by an outside organization and meets or exceeds their quality standards. Also, I use a portion of my procedes to further the spread of Tak so everyone wins; I get to tinker and craft, you get to enjoy my wares, and Tak continues to grow.

About Me

Tak hooked me when it came out in 2016. In the years since, I have put the majority of my free time into the game, playing it and supporting it via the US Tak Association and on my own. I have written two books about Tak, been the president of the USTA for years, and given away most of the work seen in my portfolio as prizes to encourage tournament participation. I truly feel that it is a beautiful game with a wonderful community and strive to elevate the physical game to those heights.

Outside of Tak, I spend time with my family and work as an amusement equipment technician. So, my turnaround time will not be that of a big box store, but I promise the product you receive will reflect the extra time it takes.